Bandeau Swimsuit

There are lots of styles out there you can wear when you spend a day at the beach swimming or just sunbathing, such as the bandeau swimsuit. There are those that hide problem areas and those that flaunt assets. This can be perfect for your body is you just get the right fit for your figure. Usually, this is worn to emphasize your curves. There are also those perfect little pieces that somehow do everything right by both hiding problems and showing off your stunning figure.

Choosing a style that highlight your best features

Do tube tops flatter you? If your answer is yes, you will be pleased to know that a bandeau bathing suit is a smaller version of that which flatters your body. The top does look like a pinched, itty-bitty version of a tube top. It also comes in one-piece and two-piece sets. This style flatters your bust because it is structured or contoured around the breast area.

Which type of body is perfect for this beachwear?

For hour-glass but slim bodies, any swimsuit will do. The band-like and contoured design of the bandeau will flatter every curve of an hour-glass body as it is made for emphasizing your gorgeous features. If you have a more boyish body, you can still look great in this style. It’s because this style goes great with smaller bosoms that do not need a lot of support. If your bosom needs extra support, however, you may go for those with straps which is called halter top swimwear. You can then say that this type of swimsuit does not look best on a particular body but that it can be adjusted to emphasize the right parts.

Narrowing down your options

This type of beachwear can come in one-piece and two-piece sets. If you want more coverage, go for the one-piece type. You can also go sexier and more flexible with a two-piece set. A two-piece is sexier for obvious reasons, since you get to reveal more skin. In the long run, it is also more flexible because you can pick between a more conservative bottom and a sexier one.

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All about the fit

Because you probably will be preparing for the summer season anyway, you may want to hit the gym before putting on something sexy on the beach. If not, you can always look at all types and styles and pick one that fits best. If you are worried about your top slipping while in the water, you may want a halter strap with your swimwear. In the end, a healthy body, a confident strut, and a perfect fit can lend you your best summer look ever.

Pictures of various bikini styles