Bandeau Bathing Suit

Choosing the right bandeau bathing suit is very important, especially if you want not only to hide your flaws but also to flaunt your assets. How you will enjoy your day at the beach swimming or sunbathing may depend on how comfortable you are with the amount of skin you’re showing to people. The trendiest design may be very tempting to wear, but it may not really look good on you. Do not be fooled by how well it fits the store mannequin, unless your body is built exactly like it. Aside from your figure, you also have to consider your skin tone when choosing the perfect piece to wear to have that perfect day at the beach.

Choosing what’s best for your body

A popular bathing suit style is the bandeau. The emphasis is on the band-like, contoured top. Some swimsuits with this style are more contoured and fitted to your bosom because of a center strap. Those with center straps can support medium-sized bosoms. If you have a smaller bust, you can look great in both simple band and center-strapped styles. If you have fuller breasts, choose a style that looks good on you. Certain styles of tops do not look good on those with fuller breasts because it may look like it’s stretched and crammed full.

If you do have a fuller figure, opt for those pieces especially made for curvier women.  You do have to make sure your chosen top fits you well before buying it.

Should you go for the one-piece or the more daring two-piece?

If you have set your mind on buying this particular band-like and contoured swimwear, you have to decide whether to buy a one-piece or a two-piece suit. A one-piece suit is a great choice if you want to conceal your midriff. The two-piece suit can come in a bikini-style or in a tankini-style. The problem with a tankini if it’s strapless is that you have to make sure that it won’t get accidentally pulled down. A bikini top is another option. You do have to be very confident to carry this style. You also have to make sure that your abs look great when planning to wear this sexy item.

What are the styles you can choose from?

If you want the sexy beach babe look but want to be just a little bit safer from pulling and slipping accidents, you may consider wearing tops with straps. Some swimsuits have halter-styled straps. They also come with drawstring straps or spaghetti straps. The straps are made to be as thin as possible because bandeaus are originally made for line-free tanning.