Bandeau Bikinis

Wearing bandeau bikinis can help you make a great splash at the beach, pun intended. The sexy look, however, can make or break not just your overall look but also your confidence. So you need to know if you should wear one or not. If you’re absolutely positive that this style would look good on you, make sure you find one that hugs your curves without being constricting. Another important thing to remember is that the particular style you choose to wear must also not be loose enough to slip when you move a lot or when you are swimming.

How to look perfect on the beach

The first question you should ask yourself is if a particular beach attire is what suits you best or if you would be comfortable walking around with a lot of your skin showing. You should not only love looking at these types of swimsuits but you should also take your own body type into consideration. If you want to emphasize your neck and shoulders, you should go for the bandeau style. This style is also recommended to girls and ladies with small to medium-sized busts. Those with small busts can definitely get away with strapless tops, but those with medium-sized breasts must have at least a center strap for support. If you are top-heavy, however, you may have to stay away from bathing suits that don’t offer enough coverage and support.

Looking for the right top

As said earlier, band-like and contoured tops are best seen on small or medium-breasted women. These do not provide enough support for women with bigger breasts. Also, keep in mind that when choosing a particular style, make sure that the top can be adjusted at the back to fit you perfectly.

Picking a stylish and sexy bottom

With bikinis, you can afford to be more adventurous or not. You can pick a more conservative bottom if your purpose is to conceal. Do not conceal too much, however. After all, you are wearing that particular style to feel and look sexy. Still, it is best to put the emphasis on your top by avoiding skimpy ones, such as g-strings and thongs. Stay classy by choosing something that offers more coverage. Also remember that because you are going for a sexy yet classy style, your bottom must never outshine your top. Make sure that even if the pair does not match exactly, it should not create a clashing look.

Other details that you should consider

Choose neutral colors for your bottom. This is to emphasize the top better. Make sure the overall colors suit your own complexion. Go for the golden look if you have blond hair and a tan; try suits in shades of yellow or brown. Cool colors, on the other hand, are suggested for dark-haired women with creamy complexions. As for sizes, make sure you know the appropriate size for you whether your bandeau top is a simple band or is one with a center strap.