Bandeau Swim Top

Fashions most versatile bikini top and most flattering in my estimation is the bandeau swim top. With the right fabric it can even be worn under your business suit under a low cut blouse for a splash of color. The important aspects of choosing a great Bandeau swim top is the fit. A proper fit ensures that the top is flattering to your shape. Larger chested women love its coverage and comfort. Some come with a built in bra or under wire for extra support. More petite women enjoy the illusion of a curvier look that the right bandeau swim top can give. Care should be taken in selecting a top that has a little extra detail in the form of ruffles, print or twist-front to add the illusion of a larger chest. For those ladies who prefer to diminish their bust, a plain un-embellished top can flatten somewhat and give a more streamlined look.

bandeau swim top

Bandeau’s are usually made to be worn strapless, which is why proper fit is so important. The top should fit snugly, but not so much that it bunches and pulls giving you an unwanted appearance. Some do come with detachable straps that will offer more support for activities such as swimming, running or beach volleyball. Also, from personal experience, don’t attempt to dive off the side of the pool showing off your svelte sexy form to the hot guy that’s been eying you from across the deck, unless you have the straps attached. You may wind up impressing him and the rest of the pool crowd a LOT more than you intended.