Bikini Bandeau Top

It is certainly sexy and daring to wear a bikini bandeau top. So, you need a lot of self-confidence to create that beach diva look in this type of sexy clothing. If you are not top-heavy, you can find beachwear styles that can make you look very classy. Being sexy and classy at the same time is definitely a great look when hitting the beach: you attract attention for all the right reasons.

A brief history

The band-like contoured top will definitely be the first thing people see when you stroll along the beach, so it’s important to choose a design and style that creates a sexy first impression. The word “bandeau” itself refers to the top because it is French for a fabric band worn around the breasts. In fact, in the 1920s, the word referred to a shaped brassiere. During that time, this shaped brassiere was expectedly made of fabric and was done with trimmings. However, as with today, there was no emphasis on support. In the 1950s, the style was already more contoured but still looked like a band.

Achieving the perfect shape for your body

This beachwear top can be part of an elegant one-piece swimsuit. However, because a bikini technically means that it’s made with two pieces, this type of top usually refers only to the top half of a two-piece. It should fit you well so that you can avoid embarassing accidents. This particular style suits women with boyish figures. The contoured brassiere creates more shape. Choose a top that can be adjusted to fit you exactly. If you are not comfortable about having a simple band wrapped around your breasts, you may want a center strap for better support.

Pairing your top with the appropriate bottom

After picking your top, the next step is to find something that best complements it without the bottom being too garish or tacky. However, because you are veering toward the idea of wearing a two-piece, you can be a bit adventurous and pick a pairing that’s more your style. You can also pair up a top and bottom according to which assets you want to flaunt and which problem areas you want to hide. For example, if you are pear-shaped, you may want to wear something bright colored in your breast area with a dark-colored bottom that has a conservative cut. If you have an hour-glass shape, however, you can emphasize both top and bottom by picking a sexy pair.

Creating a chic and sophisticated look on the beach

Speaking of combinations, you can always create the bandini look with the right swimwear. A bandini is basically a more conservative take and are more preferred by people who still aren’t comfortable showing that much skin in public. Your top can be longer and paired with a conservatively cut bottom.