Twisted Bandeau

The twisted bandeau is a new take on the contoured-top swimsuit. As the word suggests, the usually simple band top is twisted around to create more texture. Depending on where this particular beachwear item twists, it can cover up imperfections or give extra padding and support to both skinny girls and curvier girls. No matter how you look at it, it creates a more interesting body shape for the wearer.

Hide flaws with the right twist

This unique design can hide stomach folds if the twist continues to make slighter waves up to the waist. The viewer gets distracted by the twists that he or she cannot really figure out which is fabric and which is bulging skin. A swimwear in this style can also create extra support for your breasts. Because of the twist itself, the top is able to help your breasts fight off gravity because it is bulkier than a simple-band style. The type of top can also help create an illusion of a curvier bust. If you have small breasts, wearing this particular design in the breast region may well be a perfect choice for you. Bust-heavy and medium-sized women can take advantage of the twist support to finally get their figures fit into a bandeau top. If you are such a woman, however, you may still have to forego the style if your breasts look as if they are too crammed into the top.

Different styles for various body types

This unique and eye-cathcing take on the beachwear can also come in one-piece and in bikini styles. Your choice will also depend on the same general considerations. If you are confident and comfortable about showing your midriff, a two-piece suit will look great on you. Of course, another thing that you should keep in mind is finding the perfect bikini bottom to go with the twist. Choose a bottom with a neutral colors and a more conservative style. As for one-piece beachwear, you may also feel safer with the extra support. The twist can help the whole swimsuit fit more closely on your breasts so you can prevent the suit from slipping down.

The do-it-yourself look

Another great thing about a this style of top is that you can actually create your own. Putting on a simple band-style top is easy enough. Adding the twist is also simple. You may need a little help with add-ons such as rings that are placed in the center. You may need to be extra careful with the fitting, especially if you are a newbie at sewing things. If you think you are not up for it, buy yourself a ready-to-wear swimwear instead.